In April 2018 we will release an upgrade of the SAVIX MIS. Mainly the look of the MIS has been changed and there are some small changes to improve the usability. In order to introduce you to the upgraded MIS, we will highlight the changes made.

First the group list, in the current system the group list buttons for edit/add/view and delete are displayed inside the list.

In the MIS upgrade these buttons are not displayed in the list itself. The user has to select a group, and once a group is selected, the buttons appear on top of the list.

When adding a dataset, the current system has separate tabs for UDF, NDF and SDF's.

In the upgraded MIS, the User Defined Fields are renamed to User Created Fields. The SDF's, NDF's and UCF's are displayed under one tab when adding a dataset.

The current system has one tab named “Reports”, that includes all the reports.

The MIS upgrade, will display two tabs for reports. One for the operational reports and one for the project management reports. When logged in as a Project Administrator or MIS administrator, you will also see a seperate tab for Data Export.

The look of the reports has been changed, but they still work exactly the same. However, we did added an option that you can view the report full screen.

In the upgraded MIS, the Inbox section has been removed. The user will receive notifications instead of messages.

We have replaced those messages with notifications that are shown in a bar on top of the screen. Whenever you transfer a project to a different MIS, or when a project receives an invite from a Private Network for example, automatically the user will receive a notification.

Some additional changes:
  • UCF's and NDF's can now be ordered. The default ordering per alphabet is still existing.
  • For MIS administrators, we have removed user and MIS management from the Settings tab. This can now be found under the MIS configuration tab.
  • For project admins, the configuration tab has been renamed to project configuration.