The future of the SAVIX MIS

Upgrading the MIS

As many of you are already aware, Software Group and VSL Associates have been cooperating on upgrading the current MIS. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • The system was originally designed to carry about 500 projects, but now it is carrying more than 3,000, with significant impact on reliability and speed.
  • New technology has become available in the 6 years that the SAVIX MIS has been running, that offers benefits in terms of capacity, flexibility and reliability.
  • User demands for various changes needed to be substantively addressed. For the last year we have been working on this upgrade, which will be released at the end of March and will see the MIS shifted onto an entirely new platform.

Don't worry! Most of what you'll see will be familiar to you. Although there has been a substantial re-working of the graphics and some shifting around of some tabs it will retain all of the current functionality, with some useful improvements and, we think, a more intuitive interface.


It costs roughly $92,000 a year to keep the system running. At the present time we raise about $75,000 through support from the Aga Khan Foundation, CARE, CRS, PCI, Plan and World Vision. This was sufficient to break even at the start of the SAVIX, but as costs have risen to cope with much higher use levels and inflation, we have had to cover the losses, without donor support.

We cannot expect that a limited pool of INGOs will continue to subsidise the free use of the system by everyone else and neither can we continue to run the system at a deficit, so, after a year's consultation, we have come up with a new pricing policy. This will shift the burden of support away from the headquarters budgets of a few INGOs and will require that payment will be under a common framework for network users and MIS users alike. This framework will allow for pricing based on the number of groups, with affordable payments made by small scale users and larger payments made as the scale of use changes.

A current Network user could select as many projects as the Network Manager wishes and pay a single fee (which means that MIS users at the country office level will not individually have to pay, since their fees would be subsumed under the Network payment). Those that are not covered under this Network arrangement must make payment at the Country Office (MIS) level, on a sliding scale. The table below shows the prices that will be requested, depending on scale, across 8 charging bands.

A user does not need to pay for all groups in their system. A user can decide to archive a project, which means it will not have to be paid for, the project will become read-only, but still allows the user to report on the groups within the project.

Once the new MIS is released at the end of March, free use at the MIS level will continue, without change until the 1st July. This will give all current users of the system time to decide if they want to continue to use it, and, if so, to determine at what scale and then make budget allocations. Payment will be made online, subscription-based per month and adjustments in payment will be automatically invoiced if a programme moves from one level to the next.

Fee structure for the use of the SAVIX MIS

For the last several years the SAVIX MIS has been entirely self-supporting,thanks to the generous support of the INGOs listed above, but we believe that this new way of covering our costs is fairer and will guarantee long-term sustainability.